Wedding Photo Booth? 5 Reasons Why You Should Have One!

Apr 07, 2017

One of the coolest new trends that modern technology has brought to weddings is the use of photo booths. And while it’s gone from a fun, novelty item to a common occurrence and weddings, here are 5 reasons why we still think it’s a good idea to consider one for your Big Day!

1.       They come in all shapes and sizes. You can have an open-air booth that fits up to 10 people, or a smaller, enclosed booth that fits 3 or 4 people. (Our preference is for an open booth as it means that everyone can get in on the fun as lots of people can fit in one shot!) Find the booth that works best for your venue and the number of guests you’re having – then have fun!

2.       They can be customized for your special day. Every photo booth is different. You can choose from a wide range of backdrops (including some striking prints), as well as props such as goofy glasses, masks, hats and more. You can even customize the photo strips to match your wedding palette. And the more fun you have with the theme, the more people will want to take photos!

3.       They have live feed projections. You can have a slideshow projection of the photos from the booth appear on a TV screen or projector somewhere at your venue, which will give everyone something to watch and chat about throughout the day. Just imagine all your friends and family on a big screen of one wall throughout your reception – it will be fun for everyone!

4.       They’re entertainment and a party favor, all in one. The photos make a great wedding keepsake for you and your guests. A lot of guests will appreciate having a photo of themselves with their friends, with their kids (and with you). Plus, you will love having fun pictures of all your wedding guests – think of it like a modern guest book.

5.       They’re fun! It seems like a simple reason, but it’s probably one of the most important. This is your big day and everyone – including you and your new spouse – wants to have fun. Having a photo booth provides a break from dancing – plus they’re a great place for everyone to gather and socialize.

A photo booth at your wedding is an experience that your guests are sure to enjoy, and it will help make your wedding that much more memorable. Plus the photo strips will be a wonderful keepsake for your guests, as well as for you.

Interested in having a photo booth at your wedding? Check out one of our upcoming events where you can meet with a wide selection of wedding specialists and vendors – all in one place!


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