Promoting Your Business with an Online Contest

Dec 08, 2016

Online contests are a great way to build awareness for your business. They are a great opportunity to get more eyes (and new followers) on your business’ social media pages, and enable you to engage with your current followers on a whole new level.   

Before you get started, though, here are a few things to keep in mind:

          Set a Clear Goal. Do you want more followers for your Facebook page? Are you trying to promote a new product or service? Know what you want to achieve before you launch your contest. This will help you determine if it was a success, and if you should include more contests in your future marketing plans.

          Pick a Channel, Any Channel. Different social media channels have different rules about running contests on them. Once you’ve picked your platform (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest), read up on the rules so you don’t have any problems.

          Details. Details. Details. How long will it run? What will you offer? Putting all the details in a single document will help establish your contest, plus keep you covered if you have a difficult contestant. You’ll want to ensure the information is easy to find with either a link to a PDF or a dedicated landing page.

          What’s Your Prize. While a desirable prize will get you some traction, it needs to be relevant to your products and services. If you’re a photographer targeting brides-to-be, offer a free heirloom wedding album. If you have a bakery, offer a cupcake tower. Don’t offer a prize that has nothing to do with your business.

          K.I.S.S. (aka Keep It Super Simple). People don’t want to work too hard to win something. Keep your contest fun and easy to join. This will ensure more people get involved and (hopefully!) contribute to the overall success of your contest!

          Cross-Promote. Just because you choose one particular social channel for your contest, doesn’t mean you can’t promote it on all your other online channels. Let everyone know – on your website, in your email marketing, on all your social media pages (e.g., Facebook, Twitter AND Pinterest), on your signage at an upcoming event (like a Great Bridal Expo!). And don’t forget about adding it to your email signature!

Once you’ve put the time, effort and money into your contest, don’t forget to follow-up. Thank everyone for participating – it’s good online manners. And it’s a great way to build stronger relationships with your followers, who are all future customers!

If you’d like to learn more about ways to promote your bridal business online, send an email to and we’ll have one of our Bridal Marketing Specialists talk you through what’s possible!


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