Make Your Next Bridal Expo A Success!

You want to have the perfect wedding right? Of course you do! We all have an idea of our dream wedding. Guess what? You can turn that dream into a reality!


Truth is, with the right wedding planning, you can have the wedding you have always dreamed of. The planning process will take your time, energy, and money, but a wedding expo can give you that much needed shortcut. For brides, a great bridal show will present a lot of advantages, but you just have to be prepared before going. At Great Bridal Expo, we want you to have that perfect wedding, so here are tips on how to make your experience at the wedding show fruitful.

Go Ahead Of Time

You don’t want to attend bridal expos when your wedding is fast approaching. You need enough time between the show and your wedding. This is to give you an ample opportunity to get familiar with wedding trends and come up with the right amount of resources to get what you want. If your wedding is scheduled to be held in the spring, it is expected that you attend the bridal shows that are held the fall before in order to get an idea of what is hot and trending.

Plan Your Movement and Follow The Schedule

The Great Bridal Expo is divided into specialized themed areas and if you don’t have a planned schedule, you will waste time and energy. Plan your tour and visit stands based on order of importance. You can start with wedding gowns, men’s attire, then move on to venue, food, catering etc. If you already have some of your guests covering certain areas, then it is a good idea to visit the exhibitors that cover the parts of your weddings which require your expertise.

By Ready to Explore All Possible Options

This is an exhibition for brides to explore different options, so there is absolutely no reason to be ashamed to ask as many questions as you need. You can also be picky about everything. It is YOUR wedding! You have to work with the understanding that the more information you have, the better your chances of making the right decision. Do not make decisions on the spot. Don’t be pressured to make any decisions without some time to think about it and compare with other offers. Gather as much information as you can and look at them objectively before reaching a conclusion.

Take Your Time, Do Not Hurry

This is an opportunity to make sure that you save time, energy and money in the planning phase of your wedding. If there are areas in your wedding planning process that are giving you headaches, seek out a professional to help you out! Spend as much time at the Expo as you need to feel 100% confident. Take the time to compare each offer and make sure that they represent the best choice for you based on quality and price. If you found an exhibitor that has really made you curious, plan to meet them at their own establishment after the show. Don’t rush!

Be Ready To Participate

There are lots of contests and events in a bridal show that call for sort of participation. Be sure to register, participate, do whatever it takes to win those awesome prizes! Take the time to really get lost in the wonders of the bridal expo. I’m sure you’ll find something you love!

There you have it! The above are a couple of tips to help you get the best out of your bridal expo experience. Even if you are not the bride, be sure to tag along so that you can get the inside scoop on the best of the wedding industry. Plus, there might even be free cake! A bridal show at the Great Bridal Expo offers you the opportunity to get great ideas and meet the right people that will make your wedding the event you’ve always dreamed of.


Be ready to have fun!

~Sarah A.

5 Things to Look For When Selecting Your Next Wedding Exhibitor / Professional


Let’s say you go to the wedding expo,  have a great time, and then while you are there, you meet some wedding professionals that might have what you are looking for. How do you decide if they are the right fit for you?

Here are 5 questions to keep in mind when selecting your next wedding exhibitor:

1. How professional do they look?

Everyone says you can’t judge a book by its cover, but sometimes you should. If the wedding professional you are talking to looks like they just rolled out of bed, aren’t organized or looks like they don’t even want to be there, that is a sign it’s time to move on! A wedding expo is not the time for a wedding exhibitor to “have a bad day”. Only select those professionals that have brought their “A” game. You want the best for your wedding right? Look for those that came prepared. Trust me on this one.

2. Are they willing to work within your budget? Do they offer show specials?

You have taken the time out of your day to attend a wedding expo. You definitely want to be rewarded for this decision right? A wedding show is a great place to get “show only” deals from wedding exhibitors. If you find a product or service that you like, ask the exhibitor if they have a show special or are willing to work with you on your budget. Remember- it’s OKAY to negotiate. Most companies have wiggle room in their service prices and would be willing to do what has to be done to get you to book. Go get that deal!

3. Do you actually enjoy interacting with them? Are they too pushy or salesy?

When you spoke to the exhibitors, did you seem to vibe with them? Were they listening to you, and actively engaged? The last thing you want is some super salesperson trying to push you into products or services that you don’t want. You want them to offer you solutions to YOUR wedding. Be sure to gauge how you feel during and after your interactions. If you seem to hit it off, that’s a good sign that they might be the right professional for you. If you don’t feel like they were listening, or you felt like just another number or customer, then you should probably take that as a hint and move on to someone else.

4. Do they have a website and active social media? Do they have good reviews?

A company that doesn’t have a website or active social media is usually behind the times and may not be up to date on the latest and greatest in the wedding industry. This isn’t always the case, but I will always go with an exhibitor that has a polished website, engaging social media and has good reviews online. I don’t want to take chances on an inexperienced wedding professional for my wedding. Who wants to book someone that doesn’t even have a single 5 star review? What if they only have 1 star reviews? I don’t want to book with them. Neither should you.

5. Are they going to be a good fit for you and your wedding?

At the end of the day, sometimes you have to go with your gut feeling. You will know if the exhibitor is trustworthy and legit. Every wedding pro is a little different, some have big personalities while others are more laid back. Remember, you will most likely be working with these people for a good period of time, so you want to actually like them and look forward to your interactions. They will be involved in the most important day of your life. You want to be happy they are there!

There you have it! Be sure to keep these 5 things in mind while you are at the show. They will hopefully save you some serious headaches and even heartaches down the road.

Until next time!

~Sarah A.

6 Reasons Why you should attend a Wedding Expo


You want to have the perfect wedding right? Who doesn’t! 🙂

Did you know that attending a wedding show can be a fantastic experience filled with the very best of what the wedding industry has to offer?

Trendy wedding styles, wedding photographers, DJs, you name it- the wedding expo can deliver.

If you still aren’t particularly convinced on why you should go (spoiler: you should), here are six reasons why you should!


1. Make Friends

When you attend a bridal show or a bridal expo, they are usually specific to your local area. That means that there will be hundreds of brides, guests and wedding professionals all interacting with each other that also live relatively near one another. Chances are, you might meet someone you know or someone you are happy to have met! Bridal expos are a fun and lively event and people go to these shows to have fun and surround themselves with the sights, smells and sounds of the wedding industry. No matter how hectic your wedding planning situation might be, be sure to go to a wedding expo in a positive mood ready to meet people!


2. Make it Personal

One of the hardest parts of wedding planning is finding wedding professionals with services you need…and those that you actually like. If you are looking for a more casual environment where you get to meet the people that run the wedding services you need as well as sample whichever products they might have, a wedding expo is the perfect place to do it. You want to actually enjoy working with your video photographer right? Most wedding professionals will be involved at some point in your wedding process for several hours if not longer. It is good to test the waters first before making any decisions! The hope is that during the expo you meet a caterer, or Dj that really understands YOUR ideas and vision for your dream wedding- and can help make it happen!


3. Save Money

Here is a wedding show expo secret: Exhibitors at the show offer show only deals- all the time! That’s right, if you show up to the show, find a wedding pro you like, chances are they have a fantastic deal specific to brides that attend the show. Score! Here is another tip, even if the exhibitor does not show that they have a wedding show promotion, be sure to ask. They are there to book brides just like you and they want your business! Many of them will do whatever it takes (within reason) to get you to say yes. Take advantage!


4. Advice from Professionals

If you are anything like me, planning a wedding is a hard thing to do. It can be challenging to figure out where to find what you want and even what you should want? How do I know how many place settings I need at my reception tables? Do I give everyone at my wedding a swag bag? I might not know all the answers, or even some of them, but I can tell you that the professionals you come across at the wedding expo will be able to answer any question you have. Many of them have been in the wedding industry for a while and have seen it all and know what works best. Don’t hold any questions back. No question is a bad question! This is your wedding. Get all the advice you need from the people who know!


5. Win Cool Stuff

I like free stuff. People like free stuff. I can only assume that you like free stuff too. Right? If you do, then a wedding expo is a fabulous place to get new swag. Many exhibitors during the show will have show-only giveaways and prizes for potential brides and couples to win when you visit your booths. They might come in the form of raffles, online drawings or free stuff on their booths. Be sure to sign up to anything and everything you think you want. You could even win a free honeymoon! Now that’s what I’m talking about. Remember, if you don’t enter, you don’t win anything. If you don’t attend the expo, you can’t enter… See where I’m going with this?


6. Keep up with the latest


If you have ever wanted to learn what the latest trends and fashions were in the wedding world, this is the place to be. The best exhibitors will be in attendance and they know the very top of the line, cream of the crop, good stuff that you probably have never seen before-and never knew you needed, until now. Did you know that the Great Bridal Expo offers an exclusive wedding fashion show to its guests? Take a look at the hottest in wedding dress and formal wear fashion at our shows!


There you have it! A bridal expo is simply a great experience that every bride should attend at least once. From free stuff, awesome advice and exposure to the latest in wedding fashions, a wedding show has it all.

Happy wedding planning!

~Sarah A.

The Do’s and Dont’s of a Winter Wedding!

The cold, winter season is now upon us. You know what that means- winter weddings!

Yes, surprisingly, there are lots of people that choose to have their wedding in a winter wonderland. Isn’t there just something so beautiful about the snow, the silent majesty of a winter’s morn?

If you have had any thoughts of having your own winter wedding, or know that you will be attending one soon, we are here to help make sure these events are a success.

Here are our do’s & dont’s for those of you that want to have their wedding in the snow!


List of Do’s


Do Dress Your Bridesmaids in Style


Just because you are doing your wedding in the cold, doesn’t mean can’t look classy. Furs? Wool Skirts? Those big Russian jackets? These are all acceptable! With a winter wedding, you don’t have follow traditional wedding styles. It will most likely be cold outside during the ceremony. There might even be snow falling! During a wedding like this, you can have your bridesmaids wear layers, boots, hats, and modify them all to look great and be warm.  Layers are especially important because after the chilly ceremony, everyone will be headed into a (hopefully) warm reception area. You will want your bridesmaids to be able to switch to their “warm weather gear”. I would recommend saving the heels and short dresses for indoors. Since a winter wedding isn’t traditional, you can think outside the box and style your bridesmaids however you want! Be creative!


Do Choose a Warm & Cozy Reception Area

Just because you want to have your ceremony in a winter wonderland doesn’t mean you have to freeze the entire wedding! It’s a good idea to have your wedding in a warm, cozy fireplace-in-a-lodge type space. There is nothing better than walking into a a softly lit, warm space after being in the cold! Be sure to have warm drinks, hot cocoa, cider, to keep your guests warm. You can also provide a winter/holiday soup for the same effect. I would personally try to make sure the reception area is filled with delicious smells of warm cinnamon and other holiday goodness.


Do Be Creative With Food, Guest Gifts and Decorations

One of the great things about choosing to have a winter wedding is all the holiday and winter themed possibilities! You could use cute mini Christmas trees on each table that have an ornament with each guest’s that is assigned to sit there. You can give little Christmas themed boxes filled with holiday treats as gift bags. You can go old school Santa with milk and cookies for dessert. There are so many options to help give your wedding that extra holiday/winter “oomph”. Be creative!


List of Dont’s


Don’t Feel Forced to Use Christmas Colors.

Just because it is the holiday season doesn’t mean everyone has to wear red and green and look like Santa’s helpers! Be bold and use colors that really stand out against the holiday season. Spring colors, soft pinks, yellows all work great. Your guests will be expecting you to go with the holiday theme, but you can surprise them with a tropical themed wedding. But, who are we kidding, if you want a winter wedding there is a good chance you are a fan of the holiday theme. If you really love green and red, don’t be afraid to use those too!


Don’t Let Your Guests Freeze to Death!

Just because you prefer a chilly wedding, doesn’t mean everyone else loves the cold! Be sure to keep the ceremony, especially if outdoors, on the shorter side. There is nothing worse than enjoying your big day and looking over to see everyone shivering and miserable. Be sure to let your guests know to wear coats and other warm clothing while outside. It is a good idea to let the ladies know to NOT wear their heels outside in the snow. They should wear boots and then switch to their glamour gear once inside. Please be sure that there is enough space for all your guests inside the reception area. You don’t want to force anybody to stand outside in the cold.


Don’t Overdo the Heat

Okay, I know I just said not to let everyone freeze to death, but you always don’t want to go the complete other direction and unleash a million heaters on your guests. During the reception, be sure to keep an eye on your guests and make sure they aren’t all soaked to the bone in sweat. Once your party starts dancing and grooving, the reception area will heat up fast. Being uncomfortably hot is worse than cold, right? You can only take off so many layers!


There you have it!

Winter weddings can be a beautiful, one-of-a-kind wedding experience. The winter background can make for absolutely beautiful photographs.

Stick to this list of do’s and don’ts when planning your wedding and you are sure to have a winter wedding that will be amazing!



~Sarah A.

Attending a Bridal Expo? Here is What You Need to Know!

Attending a Bridal Expo? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Yay! You’re engaged! Congratulations. How are you and your fiancé preparing for your wedding? Are you feeling overwhelmed already? I bet someone has suggested a wedding expo and now you, your mom and girlfriends are trying to decide if you should go and what you can expect.

If you can’t decide if you should go to a wedding show or if you have no idea what a bridal expo is, we at Great Bridal Expo are here to help!

First thing’s first…

What is a Bridal Expo?

A bridal expo, like Great Bridal Expo, is a fabulous, wedding planning event. There is simply no better way to see the latest wedding trends, compare the best wedding services and get all the inspiration you need to have the wedding of your dreams. All of the exhibitors/vendors at the event are truly the top professionals in the wedding industry. If you ever wondered how you can find the best wedding companies and services, the Great Bridal Expo is where you can find them.

Most important of all, a bridal expo/wedding show is FUN for you and all of your guests. You will all get to sample products (cakes), win prizes and get free wedding swag! The list goes on. You and your guests will find yourselves getting makeovers, becoming mesmerized by the wedding fashion show, and finding yourselves thinking, “Where are we going to put all this free stuff?”. One of the most important perks of going to a bridal expo is that sometimes you get to eat free cake! Not just any cake mind you, wedding cake! Let’s just say I am a big fan of the cake element of wedding expos.

So now you have the background of this wedding extravaganza called a bridal expo. What when you are at the show? What should you expect to encounter?

What you will encounter (probably) at a Bridal Expo.

As mentioned previously, there will be a ton of wedding professionals, events and all sorts of wedding related excitement going on. We will take you through some specific examples of situations you might encounter or find yourself in at the expo.

1. The Crowds.

Bridal expos and wedding shows will bring out hundreds of like-minded brides, their guests and other spectators. You might encounter lines at the best booths, tastings and at the front door where you have to buy tickets unless you have already bought tickets online (you have right?). If not, buy them here. It’s important to plan ahead. Know where you want to be!

2. Exhibitors.

From wedding dresses makers, to photographers, jewelers and everything else in between, there will be so many different types of vendors you will surely find exactly what you are looking for…and a lot of things you didn’t know you needed. 🙂 To make the most of your experience, you should have a plan of the exhibitors you want to see, the things you need, your budget and where everything is at the expo. Doing these steps will help you make your wedding planning exactly as you want it.

3. Food Samples.

There will oftentimes be an assortment of catering companies eager to have you to sample their delicacies. You will find me around the cakes, of course, but there will be all types of food and drinks to suit your needs.

4. Wedding Gowns.

Are you still looking for a wedding dress? Do you need to get fitted or have specific questions about tailoring your current dress? A lot of times, you will find wedding dress professionals that can answer all of your questions and show you the latest styles.

5. The Latest Trends in the Wedding Industry.

If you find yourself struggling to stay up to date with all the wedding trends and styles, the Great Bridal Expo, will get you up to speed, fast. All of the exhibitors at the show stay up to date with all of the latest trends and styles. Be sure to use your phone to take pictures and to type up some notes on all of the trends and decor that catches your eye. A big part of attending a bridal expo is the inspiration. Get inspired

6. Prizes & Giveaways.

One of the best parts about attending a bridal expo (besides the cakes) are the prizes and the giveaways! Sponsors and exhibitors will raffle off all sorts of items ranging from wedding dresses, to all expense paid honeymoons and more! It is super important that you register for anything and everything that catches your fancy. People at the show WILL win these prizes, but only if they sign up!

7. The Fashion Show.

The Great Bridal Expo has one of the most premier wedding fashion shows in the country. Our fashion shows are one of our most popular events at the bridal expo. You will get to watch gorgeous models walk the catwalk wearing the latest wedding fashions. If you see anything you like, be sure to take a picture (no flash) with your phone and write down the names of your favorite designers and outfits. Just so you know, if you want to get a good spot at the show, you and your squad should get there early. These shows are super popular!

What do you need to do to have the most successful bridal show?

Now that we have covered some of things you will encounter at a bridal show, here is what you need to do to prepare so that you can have the most success at the expo!

1. Create a Wedding Email Address & Phone Number.

One of the most important reasons to attend a bridal expo is to find exhibitors and designers to help make your wedding awesome. This process will require giving your contact information as needed. The best way to organize all of this wedding information and to also prevent having tons of email sent to your personal account is to create a wedding email address to be used specifically for your show. If you plan to give your phone number out, it is also a good idea to use a service like Google Voice to get a free phone number that you will only use for your wedding planning. I personally don’t like having my phone ring a million times a day and would rather have some control of when and how someone can contact me.

2. Bring Pre-Printed Labels.

There is nothing more annoying than having to write your name, wedding date, email, address and anything else over and over and over and over again. Make sure to pre-print all of your contact information on labels that you can use to give exhibitors. This is the easiest way to enter contests and have vendors contact you. The most important information to have on your labels is your name, wedding date and contact info. This tip is super important, seriously. An expo could have over 100 booths. Who wants to write their contact information that many times? Not me.

3. Buy Tickets Online – Early!

Remember I mentioned the lines you might encounter, especially at the ticket booth? If you are planning to attend a show, you should definitely buy tickets online. You can find the show nearest you by using this link. By buying tickets online, you get to skip the line on the way to the show. Also, order tickets online is usually the best way to score discounts like buy one get one’s. Buy your tickets now!

4. Plan Your Time at the Expo.

One of the best ways to have the most success at the expo is to plan out your experience. It’s important to know exactly what you are looking for and what your budget is before you go into a show. Depending on where you are in your wedding planning, just engaged or almost ready to walk to the altar, you might have different needs and require certain services.

5. Take Care of Your Feet – Wear Comfortable Shoes!

From the moment you step into the expo, you will be on your feet walking around and carrying things. You will be doing lots of walking from booth to booth and standing while talking. Don’t wear the fanciest pair of heels you have if they make your feet miserable after 5 minutes! Trust me, you don’t want to be the only one walking around barefoot at the show. Keep your feet happy!

6. Take Care of Your Body & Tummy – Bring Water & Eat a Good Meal Before You Arrive.

Yes, I said there would be cake, but have you ever eaten nothing but cake all day? You and your tummy will start not to feel very good. Just like before you took a test at school, it’s important to eat a good meal so you can stay energized and focused throughout the event. Be sure to leave a little room for all the treats and yummies you will eat at the expo!The reason why you should bring water should be obvious. Getting dehydrated sucks. It makes me feel cranky, itchy and makes me unable to concentrate. I always have water with me wherever I go. Be prepared!

7. Bring People That Actually Want to Be There!

It has to be said, even though this is a “Bridal Expo” with emphasis on the bride, you can still bring your hubby-to-be, your family and your friends! Make sure that the people you decide to bring with you actually want to be there and will support you on your quest to having the best wedding. The worst experience I have had at a show was bringing my Aunt Lisa with me who complained about the prices, the food and basically everything else the entire time. I would have had a blast at the show… if I had left Aunt Lisa behind. This is your time to have fun and experience the awesomeness of the wedding industry. Remember, you want to have fun! Bring people that love to have fun with you!

8. Use Your Phone – Take Pictures & Video of What You Love!

Attending a bridal expo can be quite overwhelming, exciting and fun. Also, the time flies, so it’s critically important to take a picture or video of your favorite booths, vendors, anything that you want to have in your wedding and actually want to remember after the show. You will probably forget that booth you loved 15 booths ago. Don’t let this happen! The exhibitors should always follow up with you if you have given them your contact information, but don’t take any chances if you absolutely loved them.

9. Enter to Win All of the Contests!

There are some absolutely fabulous prizes at the bridal expo. Some vendors will give away free wedding dresses, cakes, decor and even amazing honeymoons. All you have to do is enter! Remember, people at the show WILL win these prizes. It could be you! But only if you enter.

10. Follow Up With Your Favorites.

Don’t wait for your favorite wedding vendors or exhibitors to contact you. They might have had 500 brides give them their contact info. Make the first move! The last thing you want is to have them fully book their calendar and not have a spot left for you. Follow up with your favorite vendors and exhibitors after the show. You already did the work at the show. Get the wedding professional, the date and what you want for your wedding!

11. Keep an Open Mind.

A wedding expo is a completely different experience. It’s a world of its own, especially if this is your first time. You will meet people and see things that you never would have without the expo. It is important to keep an open mind to the many ideas, designs, and services that you will encounter. You might see something that would be absolutely perfect that you would never have thought of. Let the experience wash over you and pick what you love. Everyone is there for you. Have Fun!

The most important thing I have to say is to have fun and eat cake. The entire expo is designed to help brides have the weddings of their dreams. Enjoy the crowds, the sounds, the sights. Everyone wants to help you make all your wedding dreams come true.  The exhibitors and vendors are all truly the best wedding professionals in your area.

A wedding expo is the one stop shop for all things weddings. Brides and their guests can meet all of the top wedding professionals in one place so that they can plan their dream weddings. From samples to prizes and even free honeymoons, a bridal expo is one of the best places to be as a bride. Remember, all the professionals are there for you.

Go. Have fun. I’ll see you there!

~Sarah A.

Wedding Photo Booth? 5 Reasons Why You Should Have One!

One of the coolest new trends that modern technology has brought to weddings is the use of photo booths. And while it’s gone from a fun, novelty item to a common occurrence and weddings, here are 5 reasons why we still think it’s a good idea to consider one for your Big Day!

1.       They come in all shapes and sizes. You can have an open-air booth that fits up to 10 people, or a smaller, enclosed booth that fits 3 or 4 people. (Our preference is for an open booth as it means that everyone can get in on the fun as lots of people can fit in one shot!) Find the booth that works best for your venue and the number of guests you’re having – then have fun!

2.       They can be customized for your special day. Every photo booth is different. You can choose from a wide range of backdrops (including some striking prints), as well as props such as goofy glasses, masks, hats and more. You can even customize the photo strips to match your wedding palette. And the more fun you have with the theme, the more people will want to take photos!

3.       They have live feed projections. You can have a slideshow projection of the photos from the booth appear on a TV screen or projector somewhere at your venue, which will give everyone something to watch and chat about throughout the day. Just imagine all your friends and family on a big screen of one wall throughout your reception – it will be fun for everyone!

4.       They’re entertainment and a party favor, all in one. The photos make a great wedding keepsake for you and your guests. A lot of guests will appreciate having a photo of themselves with their friends, with their kids (and with you). Plus, you will love having fun pictures of all your wedding guests – think of it like a modern guest book.

5.       They’re fun! It seems like a simple reason, but it’s probably one of the most important. This is your big day and everyone – including you and your new spouse – wants to have fun. Having a photo booth provides a break from dancing – plus they’re a great place for everyone to gather and socialize.

A photo booth at your wedding is an experience that your guests are sure to enjoy, and it will help make your wedding that much more memorable. Plus the photo strips will be a wonderful keepsake for your guests, as well as for you.

Interested in having a photo booth at your wedding? Check out one of our upcoming events where you can meet with a wide selection of wedding specialists and vendors – all in one place!

6 Ways to Make Your Business Look Bigger

Have you ever thought about how people perceive your small business? Whether you’re a freelance photographer or a 5-person bridal boutique, your company can look much bigger – and much more professional – if you follow these 6 simple tips:

1.       Website – for most customers (and prospective customers), your website will be their first contact with your business. And as you know, first impressions are everything. The look of your site as well as the content will show visitors exactly what your business is about, which means you want your site to look as professional as possible. There are several options available today that will enable you to easily (and cost-efficiently) build your own website, including Onepager and Squarespace. And don’t forget: to give your business an even bigger and more serious look, use “We” or your company name instead of “I” when describing the products and services you offer.

2.       Promotional Materials – another key factor in being perceived as a “bigger” company is the quality of your promotional material. Invest in professional design for your logo, business card and other market materials. There are several great websites that will connect you with inexpensive freelance designers, including Fiverr and UpWork. And don’t forget – spelling and grammar matter. Take the time to proofread your work and, if possible, get a friend to look things over as well.

3.       Social Media – everyone is on social media in some way, shape or form. So choose one or two primary social media networking sites (such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram) and start posting. Regularly. Foster interaction by finding other bloggers, tweeters and the like and then following them. In return, they’ll be more likely to engage in online conversations with you by leaving comments or sending a reply. Something to remember: a business with 10,000 fans seems much larger than one with 100 fans, even if those businesses have the same amount of annual revenue.

4.       Testimonials – people will want to see customer testimonials and reviews to check your credibility. You can collect these manually and then post them on your website. Even better, encourage happy customers to leave positive reviews for you on Yelp, and share their stories on your social media sites.

5.       Blog – start blogging. Regularly. Then share your blogs on social media. You don’t have to post something every day, but once a month is a good place to start. Write about things that are relevant to your business and your customers: industry trends, product innovations, and of course, your latest achievements. You can also turn your customer testimonials into ‘case studies’ for your blog and other social media sites.

6.       Network, Network, Network – get your name out there, be seen and be heard. Attend and exhibit at events (like Great Bridal Expo!). Meet people. Find other experts, network with them. Maybe even partner with them or create a wedding package. Being seen with other industry ‘experts’ by association has an impact on the perception of you and your company.

If you’d like to do more to grow your bridal business, send an email to and we’ll have one of our Bridal Marketing Specialists talk you through what’s possible!


For an Alternative Wedding Registry, Try Pizza!

Wedding registries are the ultimate wish list for your new life together. These registries were originally created to provide ‘necessities’ as you set up your new home, focusing on items including dishes, silverware, and linens. However, things are different today. As weddings have become less traditional, though, so too have wedding registries. These days, couples are choosing to register at well-known department stores for ‘must have’ items, as well as registering for alternative gifts such as home improvements, trips, or even experiences – such as the new wedding registry from Domino’s Pizza!

Domino’s Wedding Registry allows couples to choose from a variety of featured gifts to enjoy before, during and after their wedding – from the bachelor or bachelorette party to the wedding celebration to life after the Big Day. Some of the gift options include the Dancing with My Slice (for the wedding after party), the Wedding Night (just in case they don’t get to eat any of the delicious wedding food) and the Post-Honeymoon Adjustment to Real Life (because washing dishes is the worst).

“We hear often from customers that Domino’s was a part of their big day, from proposals to after-hours meals at their wedding,” explained Jenny Fouracre, Domino’s spokesperson. “We wanted to make it easier for people to ask for and receive something they’ll really use.”

Creating a registry is easy – just add your information, select the photo, message and items you want, then share with your family and friends on social media or with a unique URL. Wedding guests can also search for a registry by using your names and wedding date. The pizza presents can be ordered online, and will be delivered via electronic gift cards. If your guests prefer to give a physical gift, they’ll also receive a printable confirmation email that they can put inside a card.

So, if you’re one of those couples who would like to receive delicious melty cheese to go along with your new china, come to the Los Angeles Great Bridal Expo to talk to the Domino’s folks and create your registry today! And if you’re looking for other options for your wedding, why not attend one of our upcoming events where you can meet a wide selection of wedding consultants and other experts, who will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have! 

How to Host an Amazing After-Party

While sparklers and a getaway car are the perfect romantic ending to the wedding for some newlyweds, they aren’t for every bride and groom. For couples who don’t want the last dance at their reception to signal the end of the celebration, we’ve got a few suggestions for hosting an amazing after-party:

Location, Location, Location
Choose a spot that’s convenient to the reception. If most of your guests are from out of town, find a nearby bar or lounge. If your reception is in a hotel ballroom, rent a smaller room – or even a suite – in the same hotel. You’ll want a venue that’s easy to find and easy to get to. And if the venue isn’t within walking distance, you’ll want to consider providing transportation, like a shuttle or some taxis.

Pick a Theme
No need to follow the same theme as your ceremony and reception. If you had a formal, classic style for your wedding, consider making your after-party a little more laid back. The key is to choose something that reflects your personalities. If you and your friends prefer a neighborhood bar over a ritzy nightclub, don’t feel like you need to keep things fancy and formal. Have some fun. Try a tiki bar theme with leis and tropical cocktails. Or go for a latin theme with salsa music, mojitos and a cigar bar.

Feed Your Friends
After hours of dancing and drinking, you and your guests are going to be hungry. Talk to your venue about providing late-night snacks. The food doesn’t need to be fancy. Some fun options include bar snacks (e.g., sliders, chicken fingers and fries), a sundae bar or even pizzas – they can all help keep the party going without things getting messy. And don’t forget about the adult beverages. Maybe offer a signature cocktail to make the evening even more memorable!

Cover the Costs
After parties are a relatively new wedding trend, so there’s no set etiquette for who traditionally pays. The bride’s parents may consider it part of the reception and offer to pay, especially if it’s taking place in the same hotel or resort. And many couples choose to pay for the after-party themselves, as the attendees are usually their younger friends. No need to get too worried about the total costs, though – if you’re worried about overspending, just put a cap on the open bar after a couple of hours.

If you are considering hosting an after-party for your upcoming wedding, why not attend one of our upcoming events where you can meet a wide selection of wedding consultants and other experts, who will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have!

5 In-Booth Graphics Mistakes

When you have a booth at a wedding show, you have a 3- to 5-second window of opportunity to let attendees know who you are, what you’re offering and what benefits you can provide to them. If your in-booth graphics are effective, people will take the time to stop and talk to you about your services. If they aren’t…well, you won’t be talking to many people.

How do you ensure your in-booth graphics work and help you stand out from the rest of the wedding show crowd? Here are 5 of the most common graphic mistakes you should avoid:

1.       Too Many Words
If your text takes more than 3 seconds to read, then it’s too much text. Your in-booth graphics should have no more than 6-10 words. Instead of extra words, use an interesting image that reinforces your message.  

2.       Impressive Images

Less is more where images are concerned. Use one large, main image for your in-booth graphic instead of several smaller images. Also, always use a high-resolution image as it will make a high-quality impression.

3.       Competing Colors
Text color needs to provide a sharp contrast to the background if you want it to be easily read. Effective color combinations typically include dark black, blue or green text on light color backgrounds. And definitely avoid busy backgrounds, where the text will get lost.

4.       Tiny Type
Have you ever tried to read a sign with tiny type? It’s nearly impossible! Type should be 1” for every 3’ you step away from it.

5.       Funky Fonts
You might love some of the artsy fonts, but they can be difficult to read. Stick to clean fonts and let your images be your art.

If you’d like to learn more about what else you can do to raise awareness of your business, send an email to and we’ll have one of our Bridal Marketing Specialists talk you through what’s possible!