Exhibitor Testimonials

Apr 04, 2015

“It was a great show and I enjoyed it very much. I had quite a few people that came up to my booth and spoke to me…I’m happy I did this and greatly appreciate your efforts and services.”
Andrea S. – ANJ Photographers


“I would like to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to exhibit in “The Great Bridal Expo” in Philadelphia. I appreciate “The Great Bridal Expo” for allowing “Art Of A Woman” to be apart of a big affair. It was such a blessing to be amongst so many wonderful people. It really gives small businesses such as myself “Hope”. Again, thank you for such a great opportunity. ”
Lyne W.
“…..I love your show and it has been our #1 lead generator behind our referral business.”
Harold J.
Finer Touch Entertainment

”Great job on the Expo. Best attended bridal show I’ve ever worked. See you next year!”
Ladd L
Affinia Manhattan

”I wanted to touch base with you in regards to the participating in the bridal fair. We absolutely love your bridal fair! The turn-out and the brides are always great, and we always know it is going to be a success! We look forward to doing your show again in the future, and thanks for being such a pleasure to work with. ”
Paré R
Anthem Strong Families

”The show was very successful for me! I booked 8 weddings and haven’t even attacked the … list yet.”
Richard B
Barnes Photography

”I wanted to say thank you so much for a great show yesterday…it was a wonderful opportunity to get my name out there and also schedule … bridal party jewelry consultations! I really had fun and am happy I signed up with your company.”
Amy K

”“The Great Bridal Expo team is a top notch team! Organized, professional, friendly and an overall well run event. Being in the cigar industry, we attend many events and this is the first event where I can say that it was a pleasure and ease to be at. Attendance was fantastic at our first show in Washington, DC and we plan on exhibiting with Great Bridal Expo for many more events. We look forward to growing our business with Great Bridal Expo.” ”
Brandi Combs

”I have yet to see another show bring in the kind of attendance we see at the Great Bridal Expo each year. I would highly recommend the show to exhibitors looking to showcase their services to a large number of brides. Well done all around.”
Harold J
FTE Media Group, Inc

”You all do a wonderful job. I commend you on your organization and execution!”
Jonetta M
Glamour Greetings

”Our team had a great day. The turnout was beyond what we had expected and your staff was very professional and accommodating.”
Cheryl M
Long & Foster® Real Estate, Inc.

”Perfect! Please send me the information. I will definitely register right away. This show has generated more business than any other show that I have attended. I have already signed 2 contracts and have 5 meeting lined up in the coming week. It’s been very great! ”
Mike L
Mike Lesnick Photography

”The shows are always well-attended and quite active with, of course, future brides. The lead lists are always issued quickly and the locations of the Expos are always easily accessible.”
Liz M
Partylite Gifts

”I just wanted to thank you for an amazing show. You guys did an great job putting everything together, and I had a such a good time participating in your event. I look forward to working with you again in September! ”
Liz M

”I love the professionalism of this showcase.”
Richelle W
Raw Creativity

”The Great Bridal Expo consistently delivers the most professional, the best attended, and, when properly worked, the most fruitful lead list to come out of any of the countless bridal show companies with whom we work. … You provide an excellent vehicle to reach our target audience of brides, without the complexities of dealing with multiples of small, relatively ineffective, bridal shows.”
Dennis T
The Pros Entertainment Services

”I’m so happy my business coach and Harold pushed me to do the show. The turnout was AMAZING and my booth was a hit!”
Tamieka J
The Wedding/Event Stylist


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