6 Ways to Make Your Business Look Bigger

Mar 21, 2017

Have you ever thought about how people perceive your small business? Whether you’re a freelance photographer or a 5-person bridal boutique, your company can look much bigger – and much more professional – if you follow these 6 simple tips:

1.       Website – for most customers (and prospective customers), your website will be their first contact with your business. And as you know, first impressions are everything. The look of your site as well as the content will show visitors exactly what your business is about, which means you want your site to look as professional as possible. There are several options available today that will enable you to easily (and cost-efficiently) build your own website, including Onepager and Squarespace. And don’t forget: to give your business an even bigger and more serious look, use “We” or your company name instead of “I” when describing the products and services you offer.

2.       Promotional Materials – another key factor in being perceived as a “bigger” company is the quality of your promotional material. Invest in professional design for your logo, business card and other market materials. There are several great websites that will connect you with inexpensive freelance designers, including Fiverr and UpWork. And don’t forget – spelling and grammar matter. Take the time to proofread your work and, if possible, get a friend to look things over as well.

3.       Social Media – everyone is on social media in some way, shape or form. So choose one or two primary social media networking sites (such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram) and start posting. Regularly. Foster interaction by finding other bloggers, tweeters and the like and then following them. In return, they’ll be more likely to engage in online conversations with you by leaving comments or sending a reply. Something to remember: a business with 10,000 fans seems much larger than one with 100 fans, even if those businesses have the same amount of annual revenue.

4.       Testimonials – people will want to see customer testimonials and reviews to check your credibility. You can collect these manually and then post them on your website. Even better, encourage happy customers to leave positive reviews for you on Yelp, and share their stories on your social media sites.

5.       Blog – start blogging. Regularly. Then share your blogs on social media. You don’t have to post something every day, but once a month is a good place to start. Write about things that are relevant to your business and your customers: industry trends, product innovations, and of course, your latest achievements. You can also turn your customer testimonials into ‘case studies’ for your blog and other social media sites.

6.       Network, Network, Network – get your name out there, be seen and be heard. Attend and exhibit at events (like Great Bridal Expo!). Meet people. Find other experts, network with them. Maybe even partner with them or create a wedding package. Being seen with other industry ‘experts’ by association has an impact on the perception of you and your company.

If you’d like to do more to grow your bridal business, send an email to info@greatbridalexpo.com and we’ll have one of our Bridal Marketing Specialists talk you through what’s possible!



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