Make Your Wedding Day “Pawfect” With These 4 Important Tips.

Apr 16, 2022

As if Weddings weren’t special enough, now there is a new trend emerging in 2020 for weddings to include our furry friends as essential parts of the festivities. Couples are assigning the role of ring-bearer, Best Man (Dog), or flower girls to their pets. Heck, it’s even becoming a trend among celebrities to have dogs at their weddings. For example, Adam Sandler, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz, Robbie Williams, and Christian Evans all had their mutts around while they tied the knot. However, as all of us pet parents know, animals have a tendency to be completely unmanageable, particularly when several people are around. There are a few extra things you will need to consider in order to make the event go off without a hitch.

Things to Remember

First, ensure the place where the wedding is being held is okay with pets. They may either not allow it outright, or they’ll charge a hefty penny. Consider that your dog or cat may not even like the unfamiliar place! Be sure to bring your pet ahead of time to sniff out the area so that it’s more comfortable for them on the special day.

What if…?

If your dog has some aggressive tendencies, refrain from bringing him or her altogether – you don’t want your dog to nip anyone or bark, as that will ruin your special day. Is your dog comfortable around noise or possibly hundreds of people? Are they well behaved around unpredictable environments? 

Perhaps one of your guests is allergic to dogs – you need to make clear in the invitation that a dog (or cat) will be there. You really don’t want anyone to suffer an allergic reaction.

Let Someone Else Be Responsible

Finally, consider hiring someone to look over your pet during the event so you don’t feel compelled to constantly keep your eyes on him or her.  The pet sitter can be responsible for feeding and taking your pet out for bathroom breaks.


After all these things are accounted for, feel free to have a special wedding which includes your pets. They’re part of the family too and are a commitment, just as marriage is. It’ll be an even more beautiful to have between you and your new spouse – be sure to take several pictures to remember the unique occasion!


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