How to Host an Amazing After-Party

Mar 02, 2017

While sparklers and a getaway car are the perfect romantic ending to the wedding for some newlyweds, they aren’t for every bride and groom. For couples who don’t want the last dance at their reception to signal the end of the celebration, we’ve got a few suggestions for hosting an amazing after-party:

Location, Location, Location
Choose a spot that’s convenient to the reception. If most of your guests are from out of town, find a nearby bar or lounge. If your reception is in a hotel ballroom, rent a smaller room – or even a suite – in the same hotel. You’ll want a venue that’s easy to find and easy to get to. And if the venue isn’t within walking distance, you’ll want to consider providing transportation, like a shuttle or some taxis.

Pick a Theme
No need to follow the same theme as your ceremony and reception. If you had a formal, classic style for your wedding, consider making your after-party a little more laid back. The key is to choose something that reflects your personalities. If you and your friends prefer a neighborhood bar over a ritzy nightclub, don’t feel like you need to keep things fancy and formal. Have some fun. Try a tiki bar theme with leis and tropical cocktails. Or go for a latin theme with salsa music, mojitos and a cigar bar.

Feed Your Friends
After hours of dancing and drinking, you and your guests are going to be hungry. Talk to your venue about providing late-night snacks. The food doesn’t need to be fancy. Some fun options include bar snacks (e.g., sliders, chicken fingers and fries), a sundae bar or even pizzas – they can all help keep the party going without things getting messy. And don’t forget about the adult beverages. Maybe offer a signature cocktail to make the evening even more memorable!

Cover the Costs
After parties are a relatively new wedding trend, so there’s no set etiquette for who traditionally pays. The bride’s parents may consider it part of the reception and offer to pay, especially if it’s taking place in the same hotel or resort. And many couples choose to pay for the after-party themselves, as the attendees are usually their younger friends. No need to get too worried about the total costs, though – if you’re worried about overspending, just put a cap on the open bar after a couple of hours.

If you are considering hosting an after-party for your upcoming wedding, why not attend one of our upcoming events where you can meet a wide selection of wedding consultants and other experts, who will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have!


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