Why Weddings?

Apr 04, 2015

As brides and grooms plan their wedding, they’re compelled to seek out exhibitors like you to provide the products and services that will make their special day complete. Across the country and in your city, the wedding market has proven itself throughout the years to be:

  • A $100 billion industry, with 2.4 million marriages annually
  • A 4.8 million person, constantly renewing pool of optimistic and affluent consumers
  • A year-round, recession-proof opportunity to reach these customers at a key decision-making time in their lives

Wedding Couples Have:

  • High immediate needs
  • Low brand awareness, the gateway to brand loyalty

Why Great Bridal Expo Couples Are the Ones You Want

Better Brides, Better Grooms, Better Results


  • Average Bride Age: 27
  • Average Groom Age: 28
  • Wedding Budget: $20,000 to $50,000 or more
  • 24% of couples will spend OVER $50,000 on their wedding
  • 47% of couples will have combined household income of $120,000 or more
  • 40% of couples will have future household income of $50,000 to 119,000
  • 76% of couples are planning to buy a home
  • 99% of brides will continue career after marriage


  • Will spend an average of 11 days on a $4,850 honeymoon vacation
  • 92% plan to fly to their dream destination


At the Expo they’re…

  • Deadline driven and compelled to buy
  • Making first-time purchases for many major goods and services
  • Shopping for wedding, honeymoon and newly married lifestyle
  • Making lifelong commitments to the companies they see

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