Engagement Season Unraveled: When Love is LITERALLY in the Air! 💍✨

Oct 01, 2023

Hello, romantics, wedding enthusiasts, and everyone waiting for their partner to put a ring on it!

The air gets cooler, pumpkin spice lattes are back, and suddenly, your social media feed is inundated with sparkly diamond photos and heartfelt proposal videos. Nope, you’re not imagining things. Welcome to the magical (and occasionally mysterious) world of Engagement Season!

So, what is this phenomenon and how do you prep for it? Let’s dive in!

Engagement Season: What’s the Buzz?
Engagement season is typically that enchanting window between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day when proposals skyrocket. Why? Holidays, family gatherings, and festive vibes create the perfect backdrop for popping the question. Plus, who can resist a snowy proposal pic?

Now, onto the prep!

1. All About Ambiance
If you’re planning to propose, set the scene. A cozy fireplace, twinkling fairy lights, or even a private beach at sunset. Remember, atmosphere is key!

2. Get the Bling Right 💎
Do your homework. Know the difference between a princess cut and an emerald cut. If in doubt, employ a sneaky best friend or sibling to suss out your partner’s taste.

3. Photos, Please! 📸
Capture the moment! Whether it’s hiring a professional photographer or entrusting a buddy to hide in the bushes, make sure someone’s there to snap the magical moment.

4. Prep Your Social Media Announcement
Before the world knows, decide on that perfect caption. “He asked. I said YES!” or something quirky like, “Now making it official, since apparently living with 3 cats wasn’t official enough!”

5. Attend Pre-Engagement Workshops
Yes, they’re a thing! From understanding the nuances of diamond purchasing to relationship-building exercises, these can be super helpful.

6. The ‘Other’ Ring
For those who like to be unique, consider proposing with a placeholder ring or another significant token. Then, choose the actual ring together!

7. Emotional Readiness
While the spotlight is on the ring and the proposal, remember the essence of it all: the lifelong commitment. Take time to connect, converse, and be sure it’s the right step for both of you.

8. Celebrate the Little Moments 🥂
The period between deciding to propose and the actual proposal can be nerve-wracking. So, amidst the planning, take time out for dates, laughter, and love. Remember why you’re taking this step in the first place!

Engagement season is more than just glittering diamonds and teary-eyed ‘yes’es. It’s about celebrating love, commitment, and the beginning of a beautiful journey. So, whether you’re popping the question, expecting it, or just here for the heartwarming stories and pictures, one thing’s for sure: Engagement Season is truly a magical time of year.

Ready, set, propose!
Your Love-Struck Blogger Sarah 💌🌹💍


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